The best way to enjoy Shabu Shabu

Shabu Shabu is seated at the sushi train, there are both ready to eat ingredients and ingredients which require some cooking in your broth. Each ingredient is sign-posted with hot pot cooking instructions, so every bite is cooked to perfection.


Choose 5 dishes from 8 on our tasting menu


Select a broth


Choose your ingredients from the train, eat as much as you can as it's unlimited!


Order a drink

Tasting Menu

The Shabu Shabu menu begins with a tasting menu. Take your pick of five items from a menu of eight.


Pick a broth to satisfy your cravings. We have 8 different broths, ranging from our signature Chengdu spicy broth to our mushroom soup with pork bone broth.


Chef David Kew,
Shop R01/140 Cotham Rd, Kew VIC 3101
(03) 8548 7881,
Open: 05:30 pm – 10:30 pm